Song Chuan Relays - Range Overview

All relays listed here are manufactured by Song Chuan Precision Electron Ltd and include over 60 models ranging from 0.5A to 70A switching capacity. We have categorised them by industry in the same way as Song Chuan. Generally "Automotive" relays will be for heavier switching duties and wider temperature ranges; "Signal" relays will be for lower switching duties, with the majority of relays defined as "General Purpose". Song Chuan "Industrial" relays are shown here for reference purposes, but the Kuhnke brand, particularly Panel Builder relays shown elsewhere on this site are replacing the Song Chuan older versions in the category.

All Song Chuan relays are "Green" i.e. lead free, after November 2005. Most Song Chuan general purpose relays and signal relays are UL and CSA approved. Please check individual data sheets. There are generally 3 versions of each relay, flux tight, sealed and washable. Additionally a standard high temperature version, with class F insulation may be available. The range of coil voltages is extensive. Many models are available with low impedance "sensitive" coils.

Where PCB relays are used with a socket to create a module, used by panel builders and automation specialists, then we have detailed exact part numbers in the "Panel Relays" section of this web site.

The lists are shown in switching capacity order by contact configuration, within each section. You may wish to see a complete list of Song Chuan relays in model number - please click here

Special Note

For small quantity orders required quickly, alternative seal/insulation/coil sensitivity for a given model may be suitable if available from European stocks.


SPNO = Single Pole Normally Open
SPNC = Single Pole Normally Closed
SPST = Single Pole Single Throw
DPDT = Double Pole Double Throw = 2C/O
TPDT = Three Pole Double Throw = 3C/O

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