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Rotary encoders, also known as rotary shaft encoders, can be anything from simple devices for measuring angular position to high-tech precision components that translate rotational movement into position, speed and direction using multi-bit technology with fieldbus interfaces.

There are two types of a rotary encoder; these are incremental and absolute.

  • Incremental rotary shaft encoders generate electrical square wave signals as the shaft rotates; these signals are read by other electrical equipment to determine speed, direction or position. The encoder does not maintain positional values on the loss of power.
  • Absolute rotary shaft encoders generate a unique digital binary output code for each measured increment as the shaft rotates. The synchronisation of new positional values resumes on power restoration, so unlike incremental encoders, positional values on the loss of power are maintained.

We offer a vast range of incremental rotary shaft encoders from light-duty to extreme heavy-duty and absolute rotary shaft encoders with fieldbus interfaces such as Profibus, Interbus, CANopen, CANlayer2, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, PROFINET, SUCOnet, BiSS, SSI and parallel wired.

Rotary shaft encoders are available with high resolutions, IP and temperature ratings for applications that demand the best encoder technology.

Here we showcase the Hengstler and NorthStar encoder product range. Impulse Automation Limited is an official authorised distribution partner for all Hengstler and NorthStar encoder products, which are available ex-stock from the UK or on a short delivery lead time.