Bi-directional Linear Solenoids

Bi-directional solenoids are constructed using two separate coils housed within one enclosure; they provide fast two-directional linear force.

By alternating the power to the respective solenoid coil, the shaft reciprocates providing a push and a pull function. On removing power to the solenoid, the shaft moves freely, it does not latch. See bistable solenoids for latching variants.

Within this range are light-duty open frame and heavy-duty square profile designs, both are body-mounted, or a compact cylindrical design which is nose-mounted.

Bi-directional solenoids come with a double shaft with stroke lengths from 3mm up to 8mm.

Standard voltages are 24V DC, 100%ED rated with flying leads or a plug connection; other voltages or duty cycles for increased force are available on request.


3mm stroke compact cylindrical design URM20 Solenoid 1.2MB
4mm stroke open frame design UH2 Solenoid 1.2MB
8mm stroke compact cylindrical design URM50 Solenoid 1.3MB
8mm stroke heavy duty square design UV40 Solenoid 1.3MB