50 or ATEX 57 Series Pneumatic Preset Counter

Pneumatic preset counters register pneumatic pulses of air on a mechanical display, a pneumatic output on reaching a preset value is used to signal other devices within a pneumatic system to stop a process at the desired setpoint.

Pneumatic preset counters are used mainly for industrial machine applications where batch counting or ratio counting is an essential requirement of a process; they are also commonly used in areas where no electrical power is permitted or considered dangerous.

As well as standard counting devices which are intrinsically safe, we offer ATEX fully certified, CE marked pneumatic counting products that comply with the ATEX directives for use within Group I category M2, and Group II category 2, zones 1 and 21.

Choose from 3 or 5 digit adding or subtracting preset counters with either M5 threaded or 4mm push-in connection ports.

Adding versions have a two-line display; the original preset value and process value are always visible; the counter starts from zero and counts up to a preset value. Subtracting versions have a single line display; a preset value reduces until it reaches zero, the counter then emits an output.

Adding and subtracting preset counters are reset by either pressing the front reset button or by a pulse signal to the rear reset port.

Our range of pneumatic preset counters are usually available from stock; we offer direct replacements, they are fully interchangeable with all other major brands, please ask for further information.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates here.