53 or ATEX 57 Series Pneumatic Digital Timer

Digital pneumatic time counters function entirely different from all other pneumatic timers, upon loss of air they retain their last time count value, this is particularly useful for cumulative timing over long periods, or when the retention of timing information is necessary.

Setting accuracy, unlike timers with an analogue display, is minimised, the digital display allows only a binary selection, there is no variable time setting.

Pneumatic pulses every second or minute are generated and registered on a two-line display. The upper row displays time elapsed; the preset value is continuously visible on the lower row.

Pneumatic digital time counters are reset by pressing the front reset button or by a pulse of air to the rear reset port which also turns off the pneumatic output.

The automatic reset digital time counter generates a pulsed output of approximately 300ms to 340ms and resets automatically on reaching the preset value; the time counter continues to time while air is connected.

We offer ATEX fully approved pneumatic time counters suited for use in zones 1 and 21, category 2, product group IIG/IID and group I category M2 for mining applications.

These pneumatic digital timers are usually available from stock, please call or email us for further information.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates here.