ISO 2 valves are used to control compressed air within pneumatic systems to signal cylinders, valves, and other devices, designed to European specifications which standardise mounting holes, airflow requirements and valve body dimensions.

ISO 2 valves are available as a 5-way valve function; they can be pneumatically or electrically controlled. Voltages are 12V DC, 24; 48; 110V AC/DC or 230V AC.

Coils slide onto a brass stem; a threaded cap secures the solenoid coil, a wiring plug can then be connected.

Choose between a poppet or spool design.

Poppet valves use O-rings, gaskets and seals; they are designed to offer higher flow rates than spool valves.

Spool valves are manufactured using a stainless steel spool and plastic liner, and although spool valves have lower flow rates than poppet type designs, they are better known for their long life expectancy.

We offer an ATEX fully certified, CE marked valves that comply with the ATEX directive for use within Group II category 2, zones 1 and 21.