ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders are designed to meet European specifications which standardise overall cylinder dimensions and thread sizing to achieve interchangeability with all other manufacturers.

Bore sizes range from 8mm to 25mm; they are single or double-acting with or without a magnetic piston.

Cylinders are available as ISO 6432, a ‘U type’ or ‘S type’; this refers to the mounting option to the rear of the pneumatic cylinder, there are two options.

‘U type’ and ISO 6432 cylinders are threaded both ends and supplied with lock nuts; both connection ports are 90° to the main cylinder body.

End-stroke cushioning is available that slows the piston rod down before it reaches its end-stroke in either direction; this reduces impact and shock and typically extends the life expectancy of the cylinder.

‘S type’ is a variant of an ISO 6432 cylinder, they are nose threaded only; the front connection port is 90° to the cylinder body; the rear connection port is in-line with the cylinder body. Cushioning is not available for the ‘S type’ mounting option.

Pneumatic cylinder options include cushioned or through rod variants, full stainless steel cylinders or integrated special seals for high temperature or food-grade applications are possible.