Flip-flop valves provide an alternating switched output function when a momentary signal, either pneumatic or electrical, is applied to the control; each consecutive control signal changes the valve status.

As an example, a single pneumatic push-button connected to the control input, upon each consecutive press, alternates the output ports of a 5-way valve, used to signal valves, cylinders or other pneumatic devices.

Flip-Flop valves are either solenoid or air pilot controlled with G1/4 threaded ports.

Voltages are 12V DC, 24; 48; 110V AC/DC or 230V AC. Coils slide onto a brass stem; a threaded cap secures the solenoid coil, a wiring plug can then be connected.


Pneumatically operated D1013 245KB
Electrically operated C1015 242KB
Coils and connection plug M1002 360KB