Manifold Mounted Valves

Modular manifold valves are a convenient choice for system builders when constructing valve manifold assemblies; all parts are provided individually and built to meet the demands of each application.

Manufacturers often supply a completed valve assembly on a solid machined aluminium base with integrated wiring and push-in tube connections, this can be costly, lead times can be long, and in many cases, a pre-configured valve island does not allow for easy maintenance or immediate expansion if required.

Modular manifold valves allow for the individual customisation of multiple valve assembly on a single manifold that assists the flexibility of expansion, valve adjustment, valve replacement and servicing.

Modular valves are solenoid coil or air pilot controlled with or without priority; the priority function ensures a default position should two control signals arrive at the same time.

Main outlet connection ports are threaded G1/8 with flow rates of up to 800 l/min.

Voltages are 12V DC, 24; 48; 110V AC/DC or 230V AC. Coils slide onto a brass stem; a threaded cap secures the solenoid coil, a wiring plug can then be connected.