Miniature pneumatic rotary actuators deliver a fast and powerful response to a vast number of applications that require air-powered rotary movements; they have been designed for quick and easy installation and occupy only a small space.

Pneumatic miniature rotary actuators provide a fixed 90° clockwise or anti-clockwise rotational movement; it is also possible to limit the angular travel by using external stops.

Two sizes are available, 35mm² or 50mm², as single or double acting operation with G1/8 or M5 threaded ports.

The body and end caps of the rotary actuator are constructed of a light aluminium alloy, the body of CrNi steel, and the rotating shaft of stainless steel ensuring durability and robustness.

Four pre-drilled holes on the face of the rotary actuator and a centre shoulder are used to mount the rotary actuator to a flat surface.

Adjusting the spring tension of the single acting rotary actuator is possible should a reduced or increased return force be required.


Double acting 35mm² RA002 222KB
Double acting 50mm² RA001 222KB
Single acting 50mm² RA000 209KB