446 - 447 Subtracting Preset Counter

The Hengstler 446 and 447 series pre-determining subtracting electromechanical counter provides simple panel mounting installation and easy maintenance through a convenient plug-in system. Programming is not required making this counter extremely simple to use and altogether a fuss-free great choice.

Choose between a 3 or 5 digit single-line subtracting digital display, and unlike adding preset counters, the initial preset value is not permanently visible once counting commences.

Upon reaching an output, the counter can be reset manually by pressing the front button or can be electrically reset; the count value is then reset to its preset value.

Counters with a secure reset button, type SR, are reset with a unique key that fits alongside the reset button enabling its operation.

A connection box and a black panel frame are required to complete your installation fully.

Supply voltages are 24V DC: 24, 115 or 230V AC.


446 - 447 series datasheet TTCC073 1.3MB