489 Adding Preset Time Counter

The Hengstler 489 series preset time counter provides simple panel mounting installation and easy maintenance through a convenient plug-in system. Programming is not required making this counter extremely simple to use and altogether a fuss-free great choice.

A 5 digit dual-line display (9999.9h) comes as standard; the upper display indicates the process value; the lower display shows the preset value and is always visible.

Upon reaching an output, the time counter is reset manually by pressing the front button; the upper counter display is then reset to a zero value.

Timers with a secure reset button feature, type SR, are reset with a unique key that fits alongside the reset button enabling its operation.

A connection box and a black panel frame are required to complete your installation fully.

Supply voltages are 24 V DC or 24V, 115V and 220V AC (50Hz or 60Hz).


489 series datasheet TTCC075 1.1MB