Tico 772, 773, 774 Multi-function Counter

The Hengstler Tico 772, 773 and 774 counter stands out with its ability to be programmed as a counter with up to two presets, a tachometer, timer, shift or batch counter with optional RS232 and USB connectivity for simple programming capability.

Additional functionality via a USB (773 series) or RS232 (774 series) connection facilitates quick and easy programming via a PC or USB memory stick which allows fast programming and uploading or downloading of stored programs. Free of charge software is available through the manufacturer’s website.

A selection of bright displays are available; these are black digits on a reflecting background (LCD) or high visibility white, green or red numbers on a black background. The backlighting intensity can be adjusted to suit the application requirement.

The 6 digit display is noticeably easy to read, the upper row of digits (9.3mm digit height) indicates the count value while the lower row (7.2mm digit height) indicates the preset value.

A menu-driven display offers ease of programming, features include, up to two SPDT relays (5A @ 250V AC / 30V DC), decimal point positioning up to four places, scaling, NPN or PNP with high or low count input frequencies. Relay outputs can be programmed independently of each other, as a timed event upon reaching a preset value (0.01s to 599.99s) or latched until reset.

The reset can be automatic, manual or remote; additionally, the front reset button can be disabled upon set-up to prevent accidental reset. The output status is easily identifiable, the front display flashes upon reaching a preset.

Supply voltages are 12 to 30V DC or 24, 115, 230 and 100 to 240V AC. Auxiliary power when operating from an AC supply is available should you require direct wiring of an encoder or sensor.

Protection class ratings are IP65 (front side); the terminals are IP20. A spring clip that tightens against the panel secures the device to the panel cutout.

A removable plug-in terminal block with screw-type connections is to the rear of the counter provides for quick initial installation or speedy replacement without the need to re-wire saving downtime cost and to eliminate installation error.